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Floor Stripper removes paints, polyurethanes, enamels, as well as varnishes from wood, metal, concrete, slate, and marble floors. Floor Stripper can be used with buffing machines to lessen project times and make large jobs manageable. It also eliminates dusty sanding with costly machines, sandpaper, and supplies. Works on wood, metal, aluminum, and concrete floors. Excellent for bathtub/ sink strpping to prepare for restoration.
Semi-Paste is specially formulated to remove paint, lacquers, varnishes, shellac, enamels, stains, lead base, latex, and buttermilk paints, as well as synthetic finishers. Semi-Paste restores the natural patina of wood and is an ideal solution for restoring antiques. Excellent for bathtub/sink stripping to prepare for restoration.

Use on: Wood, Masonry, Metal, Aluminum, Fiberglass and Glass
  • Safe for use on All woods, Veneers, Inlays, Glue Joints or metal.
  • Contains NO Acetone, Ketones or Ammonia
  • Clings to vertical surfaces
  • Stays wet and active longer

Powder Coatings
Two-Part Epoxies
Rubber Based Paint
Can be used 
with Buffing Machines
Ideal for stripping and restoring antique furniture, cars and boats

Powder Coatings
Two-Part Epoxies
Rubber Based Paints
For Furniture Stripping, Refinishing, and SALES Of Our Premium Removers

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